Monday 9-4-17

Labor Day 8am & 9am classes only

2 rounds
Lunge – Bear crawl
Spidey – Inchworm
Squat jump – SLM
Butt Kicker – High knee

EMOM 12 minutes
1. 12 Burpee
2. 12 Wall ball #20/14

Three rounds for time
400 meter run
21 KB Swings #53/35
12 pull up

We have all heard about the devastation affecting the City of Houston
and its surrounding areas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. We can’t
imagine what it would be like to find our gym under water. While we
can’t all be down there helping clean up, we can try and do our best
to help out. Let’s show everyone how tight knit and amazing the
CrossFit community is.
It’s important to remember that the people who own and run these affiliates
are small business owners. They are not part of a big globo gym system. It’s
your mom and pop gym that happens to be the best gym in the area. If you
go to a CrossFit affiliate then you know what we are talking about. This
is their passion project. 100% of money raised will be donated to affiliates
in the Houston area who need help. Join us this week for #HelenForHouston.
To make a donation, click here:

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